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Samaritan 500P Defibrillator with CPR Advisor: More than just a defibrillator.


The Samaritan PAD500P is a semi automatic defibrillator and like many other defibrillators, is designed to automatically analyse the heart rhythm and assist the rescuer to deliver a life-saving shock (if needed). But what about CPR? This unique device will guide the rescuer through the process of effective CPR encouraging the rescuer to push, harder, faster, slower or good compressions based on real time feed back specific to the patient. Unlike other devices, this is not based solely on depth of compression, but impedance changes of the patient during CPR taking into account the patients personal physique. The HeartSine SAM500P provides the patient with the best chance of survival and the rescuer the assurance they have done everything they can. It’s a lifesaver, pure and simple. The SAM500P device carries a 10 year warranty and is supplied complete with a tough soft touch carry case. The unique pad-pak system (battery and electrodes) means you only have one item to track and replace every four years. It is compact, lightweight, robust and provides the highest protection against dust and water ingress of any defibrillator. The perfect AED partner for Public Access.

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