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We are a training, team building and mentoring company founded by former Regimental Sergeant Major, Hughie Benson.


Hughie is from Northern Ireland and grew up there during the troubles. Having himself witnessed trauma at an early age he knows full well how his life could have taken a different route if it were not for opportunities presented. He has served nearly 24 years as a frontline infantry soldier in the British Army, working his way up the ranking system and finishing his career on a high as the Regimental Sergeant Major of the 1st Battalion The Royal Irish Regiment. The Regimental Sergeant Major is the most senior soldier rank in the army and in order to get this role you need to have served at least 18 years with an outstanding service record. The role involves the training, leadership, discipline, and welfare responsibilities of up to 600 people.


Our company wants to offer an olive branch to children and young adults, showing them that their past does not define their future. We aim to train and mentor by way of bespoke sessions with a relaxed military style offering sessions to build upon communication skills, confidence, cohesion, and trust.

Shoei at Pheniks Division has unrivalled experience of boosting young people’s confidence through practical training. He’s a natural communicator and quickly builds rapport with people from all walks of life. He’s one of the most dependable people that I’ve worked with during my twenty-year military career: he always delivers – and always has your back!


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