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With over 24 years experience in the British Army, and retiring as a Regimental Sergeant Major [RSM], our founder Hughie knows a thing or 2 about managing people. His roles included maintaining discipline, mentoring, and education to both officers and subordinates within a professional and personal capacity. He had a huge responsibility to ensure the atmospherics within the battalion were in a good a place. It was also in his remit to ensure that people in command used their emotional intelligence, keeping the most junior soldier at the forefront of their mind when making impactful decisions. He saw his role as the RSM as a huge opportunity to take his soldiering ability to the next level but also to ensure that the battalion was good place to work. He brings this and more to our company and yours.


However you want to work with Pheniks Division, we will make sure you will not regret the decision. 

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