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Dulcie's neuroblastoma journey - white collar boxing event.

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

This blog is probably the most important blog I have done up to now. And it's got nothing to do with me and has nothing to do with Pheniks either. This blog is all about a five-year-old girl called Dulcie. Dulcie has just been diagnosed with a rare form of aggressive cancer called neuroblastoma and I believe that on diagnosis, the chance of survival and full recovery is between 40 and 50%. So right now, the odds are stacked against this kid. I know she's going through chemotherapy as we speak and she’s doing really well. She's doing as best she can, she's fighting through. The fact that she's fighting has inspired me and it's also inspired the people at Elite Gym and Snowflake promotions in regard to a boxing event that they're putting on on the 21st of May at the UNIBOL Stadium. A lot of the proceeds from the event on the 21st of May, will be put towards helping and there's a just giving page been set up in order to be able to make donations to try and raise as much money as we can in order to support Dulcie not only now, but in the future as well.

The treatment Dulcie is going to have to get, by the looks of things, is going to be in America and that's going to cost an absolute fortune in order to get Dulcie and mum and dad across the water to get the treatment she needs. Now, the dad, I know, I've known for a long, long time. 20 odd years he served with me in the army, and he is a lovely guy, I can only imagine the pain that he's going through right now with all of all this going on, especially as he's recently transitioned from the army not long before that. So it really is a big thing. And it's important to me, and it's gonna be important for a lot of people that know him and people that know me, so please, please try and get a ticket for the 21st of May.

The tickets go on sale next week and I want to sell as many as a can. I'm gonna try and get as much money in and into the just giving page just to try and ease the pressure not only on treatment and things like that, but just on day-to-day living. You know, there's a lot going on with Dulcie’s treatment and I'm sure mum and dad are doing as best they can financially and with everything but it's gonna be so hard. This isn't going to be a couple of weeks; this is going to be going on for a considerable amount of time. And clearly work is going to suffer, finances are going to suffer, lives are going to suffer. So, we just need to try and get this over the line and raise as much money as we can. I’ve heard hundreds of 1000s of pounds being quoted for some of the treatment that might need to be done. So please, please, please get behind this, share it, get to the event on the 21st is going to be really good.

Now in advance I'm going to thank you all for doing that but I'm also going to thank the other lads and girls that started camp on Monday, they started training on Monday, and some have never boxed in their lives. And it's a big deal. To be brave enough to go and do that is testament to how important this this event is going to be. And I also want to thank in advance, the friends of them people, the mums, the aunts, the family who I'm sure all going to purchase tickets or I'm sure are all going to get behind it and put money in the just give page and stuff. So a big thank you to them. Also a big thank you to the lads that are organising this event. It means so much to me it's unbelievable. The difference that this is going to make is going to be unmeasurable, so big thank you to them.

I'm also I'm going to apologise now as well, in the same breath, because there's going to be a lot of posts on this, there's gonna be a lot of footage, there's gonna be a lot of behind the scenes stuff. I'm going to try and document every step of the way not only for the training and the boxing and stuff, but also for the actual setup, the amount of work and the pressures that are going to go through people and in order to get this off the ground and running. But you know what, it's all going to be worth it. And I think the inspiration from Dulcie’s fighting, it's going to push all of us a little bit further. We're all going to train harder. We're going to work harder, and we're going to make us the best event that we possibly can.

Final thing 21st of May, UNIBOL stadium, tickets go on sale next week. The just giving page is up and running and I'll post that pretty soon as well. So please get behind that. I'll speak to you all soon.

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