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Thomas Canavan, Other

This is great opportunity for young people to understand and reach they’re full potential through learning life skills and application. Team work and individual task handling is something we all need in life and working with Pheniks Division I’m sure these things would be accomplished.

Ive known Shoei a long time and iv watched over the years how he has endured hardships in his career in the army, and has always came out the other side stronger. I’m times of adversity you need leadership and this role Shoei has grabbed with both hands and carried that mantle. Through these experiences he has now brought his knowledge to civi street where I’m sure he will have a positive impact in many people’s lives. For this reason to me he’s been and inspiration and a great role model.

I know how hard it is sometimes going into the unknown but if you don’t challenge yourself you’ll never find out what your capable of. With Shoei being the driving force behind Pheniks Division I’m sure it will be nothing other than a success.

Thomas Canavan, Other
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