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Willy Russell, Army

Shoei has made a successful career out of putting others before self in the harshest and most demanding theatres of operations this generation. Having worked with Hughie on and off for over 20 years and despite us both achieving the rank of WO1 (RSM) he was and indeed is Primus inter pares.

I have many, and many unsuitable for here. But Hughie and I served as team and patrol commanders during mobile escorting operations in Baghdad and often along the now infamous route Irish. To know that Hughie was on Quick reaction force back in base ready to support if and when the shit went down was like having artillery on your side. He dug me out of many a scrap and some of them were even on the battlefield.

I’d like to take this opportunity to commend his brave venture into the unknown and remind him of a famous quote that is extra pertinent: Hughie, it is not the critic who counts. FAB Brother.

Willy Russell, Army
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